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Asphalt Pavements - Grand Junction

Properly designed and constructed asphalt pavements rarely wear out from too much traffic. Instead, pavement deterioration is caused primarily by oxidation and water intrusion These elements break down the asphalt cement binder that holds the pavement together. Grand Junction's climate has it's temperature extremes; the expansion and contraction of the asphalt pavement during seasonal climate changes plays havoc on our asphalt driveways, parking lots and roads. Asphalt damage and subsequent asphalt repair in Grand Junction is a fact of life.

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Stages Of Asphalt Pavement Failure

New asphalt pavements may seem dense and indestructible, but actually they are rather porous and begin to deteriorate immediately after installation.

The sun oxidizes the asphalt surface, evaporating the precious binder that holds the pavement together. The pavement becomes brittle and begins to crack.

Water enters the cracks. The expansion and contraction of the asphalt during freeze-thaw cycles enlarges the cracks.

The water works down into the sub-surface and softens the base. The pavement begins to give way and buckles under the heavy loads.

Pavement begins to separate and break up. Potholes are the result. Alligatoring spreads, asphalt mat looses all flexibility and dries out. Total structural failure results.

How To Protect And Repair Your Asphalt Investment In Grand Junction

SealCo Grand Junction asphalt preservation and repair services are our specialty. We can help you protect the longevity and usable life-span of your asphalt driveway road or parking lot. With regular, routine maintenance to include a sealcoat, chip seal or slurry seal and annual crack sealing of cracks in the pavement, we can help to more than DOUBLE your asphalt's expected longevity.

SealCo has the experience and technologically advanced products to preserve and protect your asphalt surface for years to come.

For residential and commercial projects in Grand Junction, a routine maintenance program of crack sealing and seal coating or Micro-Surfacing will add years to an asphalt surface's expected longevity.

Higher traffic volume pavements such as larger commercial properties, streets and highways, need the added protection that Micro-Surfacing can provide. These treatments offer unparalleled protection for heavy traffic areas.

When new construction or complete rehabilitation is needed, SealCo Grand Junction has the solutions. From asphalt overlays to new paving, we manage all phases of the construction process.

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