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Aspen sealcoat parking lot

SealCoating - Seal Coat

Sealcoating protects asphalt. It's that simple. Without it, your asphalt would eventually break down and would require at best to be re-surfaced or even worse, to be completely removed and re-laid... at great expense. SealCo Incorporated has the asphalt Seal Coat designed for Glenwood Springs' climate and weather. Sealcoat is an excellent option to repair and beautify any black top or asphalt pavement surface.

Grand Junction Crack Seal Road

CrackSeal - Crack Fill

Crack sealing and keeping water out of the asphalt pavement's sub-grade, is the first step in asphalt preservation and repair of pavements. Utilizing hot rubber crack sealant that is heated to 380 degrees, and applied with specially calibrated, thermostatically controlled equipment. Cracks and joints are cleaned, then the cracks filled with hot rubber crack sealant material. The cracks are now fixed and are ready for traffic.

SealCo infrared patching road .jpg

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching and repair is our specialty at SealCo Incorporated. We offer Seamless Infrared Patching, Spray Injection Patching and Full Depth Replacement asphalt patching options for the Glenwood Springs area. Potholes are a thing of the past with our new asphalt patching technologies. Call or email to schedule a site visit with one of our local Glenwood Springs asphalt repair experts.

Spray Injection Patching - Road Driveway Repair Teluride

Spray Injection Patching is the most cost effective and permanent patching method available for long driveways, roads and highways. Unlike conventional remove and replace or cold mix patching, Spray Injection Patching is open to traffic immediately and is permanent. When other patching methods fail, Spray Injection lasts the longest.

Spray Injection Patching

VaiParking Lot Pothole Repair Asphalt

Parking Lot Repair

SealCo Incorporated's asphalt parking lot repair services are known all over Colorado. Our commercial project specialists ensure your condo, HOA or commercial parking lot sealcoat or asphalt repair project is managed smoothly and timely. Commercial parking lots require a routine maintenance program of crack sealing, seal coating or Micro-Surfacing slurry and this will add years to a parking lot's expected longevity.

Driveway Paving Vail Colorado

SealCo Incorporated is your local asphalt paving company for new driveway paving and repair in Glenwood Springs Area. We specialize in driveways, asphalt overlays, commercial parking lot, subdivisions, private road repair, recreation and golf cart path paving and resurfacing.

Asphalt Driveway Paving

SealCo paving contractor

About Us

SealCo Incorporated has been providing asphalt maintenance and preservation services to Glenwood Springs' communities since 2002. Our ultimate objective is to provide the absolute highest quality products and services to our loyal customers. No other asphalt company or paving company can offer a more complete array of products, services and specialties than SealCo Incorporated.

SeaCo Micro slurry surfacing

Higher traffic volume pavements such as larger commercial properties, streets and highways, need the added protection that Micro Surfacing Slurry Seal can provide. These treatments offer unparalleled protection for heavy traffic areas.

Micro Slurry Seal

Aspen Chip Seal Road for asphalt repair.

Why SealCo Incorporated

If you want the most professional service, highest quality products, and Colorado's most trusted name for parking lot sealing and driveway repair, then look no further than the asphalt pavement preservation begins here with SealCo Incorporated.



Thank you for doing such a fantastic job on our parking lot - it looks like new again! Your team was a pleasure to work with.

- Robert K.

  Grand Junction, CO.

Glenwood Springs' Leader

Asphalt Pavement Preservation, Maintenance and Restoration

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Montrose / Delta / Telluride

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