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Grand Junction Crack Seal and Joint Repair

Grand Junction Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is the most cost effective preservation tool, costing only a fraction compared to repairing or replacement of  damaged asphalt pavement. In Grand Junction's extreme climate, pavement cracking is all too common in driveways, parking lots and roads.


Keeping water out of the asphalt pavement's sub-grade, is the first step in asphalt preservation. Utilizing hot rubber that is heated to 380 degrees and applied with specially calibrated, thermostatically controlled equipment. Cracks and joints are cleaned, then the hot rubber is applied.

In some cases, routing of the cracks is needed. A pavement router is utilized and a vertical slot is cut in the pavement to act as a reservoir for the hot crack seal material. This reservoir allows for greater expansion and contraction during seasonal climatic changes. 

SealCo Incorporated of Grand Junction provides crack sealing and crack repair services to numerous municipalities and local governments throughout Colorado.

Spray Injection Crack Repair - An Economical Solution To Grand Junction's Pothole And Cracking Problems

Some major crack repair applications do not require the use of hot rubber. A heated, highly modified asphalt emulsion and finely graded aggregate mixture may be used to fill, level and seal the asphalt cracks using a highly specialized, spray injection application method. This is a permanent crack repair method the seals the cracks while providing for greatly improved drivability of the asphalt pavement road surface. Very similar in principle to a chip seal, something Grand Junction drivers are familiar with. Spray Injection Patching is just another way that SealCo Grand Junction helps asphalt pavements last longer.

spray injection patching oil sealco.jpg

Hot Mastic Crack Repair

Other types asphalt crack and joint repair include the use of hot mastic, a highly polymerized rubber and aggregate slurry. This is common on runways and highways where high compressive strength is required.  In some situations the material may be applied directly over the crack or joint in need of repair. Often the asphalt crack or joint would be milled down to provide a reservoir for the material to rest in. The material is self leveling and is an excellent crack repair method.

Stress Relief Interayers

The basic concept is to bridge an area of distress using synthetic, woven structural materials. Glass grids or a stress relief interlayer of a geotextile fabric placed in the middle between two layers of asphalt pavement. As is common with other crack repair methods, the pavement surface is milled down surrounding the crack or joint in need of repair. The crack or joint is filled with an appropriate filler material and an adhesive backed geotextile is centered over the crack. An asphalt overlay is then placed on top of the membrane material.  

Infrared Crack Repair - Seamless Crack Repair In Grand Junction, CO.

Infrared asphalt crack repair utilizes heat from infrared radiation and is used to  seamlessly repair cracks in asphalt pavement. We combine hot-mix asphalt with the existing, damaged asphalt crack or joint and then compact the area for a smooth, seamless finish. An asphalt rejuvenator is added to ensure the highest quality repair method available. If your Grand Junction driveway or parking area needs our help, we are a phone call away. 

infrared crack repair
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