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Spray Injection Patching

Asphalt Pavement Repair -Spray Injection Patching

Pothole Repair In Driveways, Parking Lots And Roads.

Spray Injection Patching is the most cost effective and permanent patching method available. Unlike conventional remove and replace or cold mix patching, Spray Injection Patching involves less man-power, less equipment and is open to traffic immediately AND is PERMANENT. When other patching methods fail, Spray Injection lasts the longest.

Spray Injection Asphalt Patching seals and prevents water from penetrating your pavement's sub-grade. Sub-grade deterioration is the major cause of of asphalt failure and subsequent pot-holes. Spray injection patching solves these problems fast and offers a permanent repair solution.  Potholes in driveways, parking lots or roads are a very common problem for Colorado. Spray Injection Patching solves the nagging pothole issue inexpensively and permanently.

Seals & Fills Voids In Asphalt Pavement

Spray injection patching can level rutting, potholes, birdbaths or even chip seal smaller areas.

Compared to other patching methods, spray injection patching last longer.


The surface is first cleaned of loose debris, then a tack coat of asphalt emulsion is applied. Then pre-coated aggregate is injected into the bottom of the repair area, filling the depression from the bottom up. Finally a clean layer of aggregate is applied to the top surface, ready to open to traffic.

No other repair method is as quick, as permanent or cost effective. Your driveway, parking lot or road will be smoother, safer and last longer.

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