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Micro-Surfacing SlurryTM

Micro-Surfacing SlurryTM - MSSTM 

Even the best surfaces are subject to the wear and tear caused by time, weather, and traffic. No surface is permanent. But by undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in rehabilitation costs may be achieved. Your pavement surface will remain sound, usable and safe.

The application of MSSTM will significantly extend the life of existing pavements by protecting the under-surface from the effects of aging and the environment. Improved surface performance is an added bonus.

Timing of the treatment is important in overall cost and effectiveness. Although the serviceability of an untreated asphalt pavement is still adequate after several years of use, pavement deterioration has already begun. A maintenance program undertaken before significant deterioration has begun is essential to maximize pavement life. Preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than corrective maintenance.

SAVE MONEY – MSSTM is economical and highly cost effective compared to other pavement preservation options.

COMPLETE PROJECTS QUICKLY – Easy, quick application makes MSSTM especially attractive for maintaining residential streets, busy thoroughfares, parking lots and airport runways.

PREVENT PROBLEMS – Used over newly laid pavements, MSSTM will prevent surface distresses such as the effect of weathering, oxidation, loss of oils, loss of matrix and brittlement of the mix are minimized. It also provides special durability and a skid resistant texture, not available in the underlying asphalt.

CORRECT PROBLEMS – Existing distresses in older pavements – surface cracking, raveling, loss of matrix, increased water and air permeability and slipperiness due to flushing or aggregate polishing can be corrected through a MSSTM application.

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